EyeQ is an embedded electronic system that can be attached to any tractor anywhere in the world. Its purpose is to guarantee the best possible fertilizer application in cereal fields. How does it do that?

Because it operates in real time, it is able to detect the exact health level of any given cereal crop as the tractor is driven across the field

The data from near infrared and RGB/plain cameras mounted on the front of the tractor are collected and sent to a high-end central processing unit or ‘brain’ of the EyeQ system.

Computer vision processing and our own unique agronomic algorithms work in conjunction with 4G connected machine learning so that precise fertilizer demand is calculated as the tractor passes over the crop.

This allows EyeQ to send the right information to the actuator to ensure that the exact amount of fertilizer is spread behind the tractor as it moves along. This, in turn, eliminates waste, increases crop quality and dramatically maximises profitability

The EyeQ system is available in two different versions. With ISOBUS compatible hardware and software, it is completely plug and play. For older tractors and fertilizer spreaders which do not support the ISOBIS protocol, relatively simple installation and calibration is required.

The EyeQ system comes with a graphical user interface inside the tractor cabin in addition to a web platform where all the data are accessible for analysis. Moreover, there are special web accounts giving access to the data so that agronomists can improve their fertilization consultations with farmers.

A key feature of the EyeQ system is that it takes all the guess-work out of cereal fertilization. No longer do farmers have to reply on rule of thumb as Eye-Q’s on-board 8 core processing power  calculates real time fertilizer demand with a level of accuracy that is impossible for even the most experienced farmer to achieve. The data can also be used for multilevel analysis of crop health. For instance,  the detection of fungus in the early stage of growth.

Moreover, because it is a ‘smart’ system, it self-calibrates every time it is used, thereby achieving ever-more accurate results in accordance with each individual user’s needs. Because of this ‘result based’ approach, EyeQ is not limited to specific areas like many other precision agricultural systems – it can be used anywhere in the world where cereral crops are grown.